Children’s Ministry

Welcome to Children’s Ministry at The Well

Through the help of parents, teachers, mentors, and peers, we aim to teach our children how to make friends, be kind to others, and learn to follow Jesus – the same mission of The Well, but in more kid-friendly terms. Just like small-group life is vital to a healthy grownup church, it’s also a very important component to how encourage our kids to be part of the body of Christ. This small-group life approach focuses less on programs and events, and more on providing opportunities for more intimate and ongoing relationship building.



Sabbath School Classes

Sabbath mornings are a very special small group time for our kids, their parents, teachers, and mentors.
Classes start at 10am and are broken into the following age ranges.

Seedlings (0–3 yrs)

Experiencing Bible stories focused on Jesus’ love for me, my love for Him, and my love for others through songs and dynamic hands-on actions.


  • Kristy Davis
  • Kelly Fogg
  • Cassy Leonor
  • Tyson Palmiter
  • Brittany Pyke

Sprouts (4–6 yrs)

Bringing the narrative of the Bible to life through engaging activities, chronological story-telling, and correlated crafts.


  • Kayla McAuliffe, leader
  • Kelly Davis
  • Lauren Souza
  • Kristie Wilder

Saplings (7-10 yrs)

Making the stories of the Bible meaningful to present-day life through thought-provoking activities and discussions centered around “What did you learn?” “How did you feel about it?” and “What are you going to do about it?”


  • Ashley Burkett, leader
  • Fernando Barrientos
  • Alissa Greenwald
  • Mindy Jamieson
  • Mary Jane Thomas

Upcoming Events

  • Family Promise, Sept 30–Oct 7 Sign up to provide supper, play games, or be the overnight host. Details here.
  • Sabbath School in the Park, Oct 6, 10–11am You’re invited for a light breakfast, songs, and play time with friends in Jefferson Heights Park. There will be no children’s classes at The Well.
  • Movie in the Park, Oct 6, 7:30pm Bring a blanket and enjoy Moana, popcorn, and hot drinks under the open sky of Jefferson Heights Park. RSVP through the Facebook event to receive updates.
  • Join The Garden at The Well on Facebook for weekly Sabbath School lesson links and other updates!



Serving others not only fills a tangible need, but also, in giving of ourselves we are opening a door to the power of the Holy Spirit, transforming our intrinsically selfish hearts into beacons of love for others and for God. We encourage our families to partner with organizations and serve people in ways and in areas that make sense to them. Highlighted below are a few of our partners, on the Southside, that we intentionally look to connect with on a regular basis.


Ways to get involved:

  • Help tutor, read to students, each lunch with a student
  • Donate items to their library “makerspace”
  • Donate gift cards to teachers
  • Our contact is Tammy Sitton – , (423) 825-7337


Ways to get involved:


Ways to get involved:

  • Assist during their daily afterschool program as a reader, games leader, food server, etc.
  • Contact Gloria Dubose at (423) 266-1384 ext 3


Ways to get involved:

  • Have a monthly “personal presence” in the park (via picnic, playdates, etc.)
  • Join one of our upcoming events in the park



The Children’s Ministry Leadership Team is composed of a small group of people who have chosen to invest their time and energy into visioning, planning, and implementing in order to advance in the mission. They are passionate about making Jesus and His way of life tangible to the children and families of The Well and to the Southside of Chattanooga. Bring us your questions, concerns, or suggestions!