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We are a group of people committed to growing as followers of Jesus Christ. Because of that, we are also intent on engaging our Southside Chattanooga community. So you’ll find us serving in the local elementary school, participating with our friends at a neighborhood association event, worshipping together, and doing life together. And that’s because we believe this journey of being a Christ follower happens most effectively in community. Which means you have an open invitation.
You’re always welcome here.

Adventist Peace Fellowship

The Adventist Peace Fellowship seeks to raise consciousness about the centrality of peacemaking and social justice to the beliefs and heritage of Adventists. We support public service, activism, advocacy, and scholarship that reflects the radical spirit of many Adventist pioneers.



Our services are God-centered and informal. Praise music and the teaching of scripture are the two primary components of our worship. We also make time for conversation and connection among friends.
Childcare is provided for children ages 1-6.

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Children's Ministry

Raising a new generation of Wellies

The Children's Ministry of The Well seeks to guide our children to foster friendships, practice compassion, and help them grow to be followers of Christ. We are also concerned about the well-being of the children in our community.


  • Our new Children’s Ministry Director is Ashley Burkett!
  • Visit our NEW webpage to find out how you can donate your time and talents to assist our community partners.
  • Let’s be intentional about engaging new families that we come in contact with.
  • “Children’s Ministry @ The Well” Survey
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Mike Fulbright

Lead Pastor

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Shawnessey Cargile

Children’s Ministry Pastor

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Katie Jacobs

Pastor of Worship

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Dea Lisica



The Well’s Leadership Team is composed of a small group of people who invest themselves in the life and times of The Well. Their vision and passion for the Kingdom of God in Southside Chattanooga helps bring focus to who we are and what we’re about.



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